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LVL Scaffolding plank

LVL scaffolding plank is an engineered plywood with high quality and applicability, it is formwork , scaffold etc.

---------------Timber Building Products LVL scaffolding plank Details--------------------------------


LVL Scaffolding Plank
Materials : pine
Grade : AA grade
Standard : OSHA,ANSI A10.8(US), BS24829(UK), AS1577(AUS)  
Glue :  WBP,MR, Melamine
Thickness : 4-28mm  (normal thickness :4mm, 12mm , 15mm, 18mm, 21mm)

Popular sizes : 38x225x3900mm/6000mm



                   length can be up to 12000mm

Moisture Content : 8-12%
Density : 580-640kg/m3

---------------Timber Building Products LVL scaffolding plank Advantage-------------------------




1) Stronger, straighter, and more uniform.  

2) Much less likely than conventional lumber to warp, twist, bow, or shrink due to its composite nature.

3) Made in a factory under controlled specifications and reduce onsite labor.

4) Fumigation free

LVL Scaffolding board

--------------Timber Building Products  LVL scaffolding plank Packing And Loading -----------

LVL Scaffolding Plank
Scaffolding Plank
LVL Plank

 Loading:Appr. 40+m3/40GP(1200pcs for 38.1*225*3900mm or 38.1*235*3900mm)