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Plastic faced plywood

Plastic Plywood is an engineered plywood with high quality and applicability, it is widely used for House building, Road Construction, Big Concrete Projects, bridge beams,etc.

-----------------------------Plastic Plywood Details-----------------------------------------------------

Plastic plywood
Face / Back : Phenolic film
Grade : AA grade
Core : Poplar core /   Combi core /   Hardwood core /  Pine core  /  Birch core   
Glue : MR glue, WBP glue , Phenolic glue 
Thickness : 4-28mm  (normal thickness : 12mm , 15mm, 18mm, 21mm)

Specification : 1220mmX2440mm , 1250mmX2500mm , 915mmX1830mm , 

                      610mmX2440mm , 610mmX2500mm

Moisture Content : 8-14%
Density : 530-780kg/m3

-----------------------------Plastic Plywood Advantage-------------------------------

  If put in boiling water for 48 hours, it is still glue-sticking and non-deformed 

  Physical mood is better than iron moulds and can satisfy the requirements of constructing mould, 

     the iron ones are easy to be deformed and can hardly recover its smoothness even after repairing


■  If used abide by the illustrations strictly, it can be reused more than 50 times, 

■  Reducing the cost greatly and avoiding the disadvantages from ( rustily and erosive of iron mould)

■  Solves the problems of leaking and rough surface during constructing process

■  Particularly suitable for watering concrete project , can make the concrete surface smooth and flat

■  Realizing a higher economic profits.

----------------------Plastic Plywood Packing And Loading -----------------------



Container type Pallets Volume Gross weight Net weight
20 GP 8 pallets 21 CBM 13000KGS 12500KGS
40 GP 16 pallets 42 CBM 25000KGS 24500KGS
40 HQ 18 pallets 53 CBM 28000KGS 27500KGS
-------------------Plastic Plywood Application----------------------------------------

  Plastic Plywood used popularly as shuttering panel or formwork panel for building. 

  And scaffolding board or trailer flooring board in Europe.

  The Flower cart board Plastic Plywood are specially used in market of Netherlands /Holland or Denmark.

----------------------- Plastic Plywood Picturer---------------------------------------


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----------------Plastic Plywood Construction Overview----------------------------------