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H20 Beam and Lvl Beam

LVL (Form Laminated Veneer Lumber) is an engineered wood product that provides a consistent, high-performance alternative to solid lumber and steel in structural uses.

------------------Timber building products form LVL Details---------------------------------------------------


form LVL, LVL Beam, form LVL lumber
Materials : pine
Grade : AA grade
Glue :  WBP,MR, Melamine

Popular sizes :65mmx65mm  (thickness x width)

                         65mmx95mm (thickness x width)

                         65mmx130mm (thickness x width)

                   length can be up to 12000mm

Or according requiry

Density : 630-680kg/m3

---------------------------Timber building products form LVL Advantage------------------------------------------




Easy length identification on site – ends are colour coded by length Painted bright orange or yellow for moisture protection and easy 

identification Lighter and stronger than traditional alternatives Faster and easier to install – enhances productivity and reduces forming costs Use results in an improved concrete finish – straight and true Sourced from environmentally sustainable plantation timber.

Form LVL

-----------------------Timber building products form LVL Packing And Loading -------------------------

form LVL
form LVL, LVL Beam, form LVL lumber
form LVL, LVL Beam, form LVL lumber

 Loading:Appr. 40+m3/40GP(1200pcs for 38.1*225*3900mm or 38.1*235*3900mm)

-------------- Timber building  products  form LVL Application---------------------------------------------------

   Form LVL widly use formwork bearers & Joists soldiers & walers